DBS Bank Employees Evacuated After Worker Gets Infected

As a new case of coronavirus is out in Singapore, officials send over 300 employees of Singapore’s DBS bank back home. All the employees were sent home working on the 43rd floor on Wednesday.

Previously, Singapore had reported 47 new coronavirus cases. The new case of DBS worker reveals after he tests positive on Tuesday.

The DBS Bank authorities are trying to find who all came in contact with the infected employee. Common areas of the building like lifts and toilets deep clean by sweepers. Officials give care pack kits including thermometer, masks and hand sanitizers to the evacuated employees. Further, the medical helpline was also in place.

Singapore changed “Disease Outbreak Response System Condition” to orange indicating the severity of the virus and also shows that it transfers from human to human.

Following the bank’s evacuation, many companies and public spaces are conducting thorough scanning of employees and visitors to prevent the virus.

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease 2019) has killed more than 1017 people in China and infected 44,000 people. Cruise ships quarantine and passengers are undergoing tests. All affected countries have imposed a travel ban. Officials transform many buildings into hospitals to accommodate infected patients and treat them.

However, the Chinese President warns officials from controlling the virus, as the measures affect the economy.


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