Death Toll in China Rises to 490 Due to Coronavirus

The death toll due to the deadly coronavirus has increased to 490 in China on Wednesday. On the other hand, 65 people died in the most hit-Hubei province.

Apart from China, the virus has spread over 20 countries. Making WHO announcing a “global health emergency”. This also led to many countries imposing travel ban with flights getting cancelled travelling from China.

Further, Hong Kong reported its first death due to coronavirus. The second death was reported outside mainland China in the Philippines.

Also, many airlines stopped flights travelling to China. Also, evacuated citizens travelling to many countries led to the virus infecting 20 countries. Moreover, Cathay Pacific which is Hong Kong’s flagship carrier gave its 27,000 employees three weeks of unpaid leaves. Cathay Pacific’s CEO Augustus Tang took this decision due to airlines crisis.


The virus outbreak has also lead to the China government asking people to stay indoors as they try to curb the spread. More than 56 million people in Hubei are in virtual lockdown

To stop the spreading of infection Hong Kong medical workers went on strike for the third continuous day and resigned from their jobs demanding the closure of China border. But the government refused to do so stating economical crisis.




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