Dwyane Wade Reveals about his 12-Year-Old Transgender Child at Ellen Show

Former Basketball Player, Dwyane Wade had set an example on parenting and show how to be a supportive parent. Till last year December, Wade used to refer to his 12-year-old child Zaya as she/her. Zaya was born biologically a male named, Zion.

But in December last year, Wade used new pronoun referring to his 12-year-old child during an interview at “All The Smoke” Showtime podcast. His one statement with one shift in his lexicon came to a surprise.

During his latest interview in the popular “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, Dwyane Wade reveals how his 12-year-old first express him and Union about wanting to refer to as a female. The host of the show, Ellen herself identifies as LGBTQ.

Ellen began the show by supporting Wade and the Union.

Though society has started the change, still it is a taboo when talking about transgenders or same-sex marriage. But there are few parents who understand and support there children when they reveal them their true identity. But there are many transgenders who fear to reveal there identity due to society and fear of acceptance.

A study reveals how a person goes through mental distress and impairment due to social discrimination and also regular abuse by family, friends and society.



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