Eileen Naughton Resigns from Google’s Vice President Post

Eileen Naughton, head of the human resource to step down from vice president post in Google. The internet company confirmed the news.

According to Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, more than 70,000 employees were hired through Eileen Naughton as a head of HR.

Talking about this, Naughton states that she would work with Pichai and chief financial officer Ruth Porat to find her successor.

From a few years, the company’s workplace has been disrupted due to opposition by the employees. All the employees are opposing the forging contracts made with the US military. This is for developing a search engine for China.

The company fires four employees in November last year for breaching the data security policies. But the company is suspect of sacking staff for going against the management and trying to form workers ‘ union.

One of the sacked employees joined a petition which states that Google is working with US customs and border patrol agency. This is in relation US President’s illegal immigration process.

The employees also opposed the company’s contract to help the US military via the company’s technology.

Previously, in 2018, several employees from Mountain View campus and around the world joined hands against the sexual misconduct taking place in the company.


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