EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan Resigns from his Post

EU trade commissioner Phil Hogan, a key figure in the Brexit negotiations, resigned on Wednesday after a recent trip through Ireland in apparent violation of three sets of guidance on coronavirus.

During a recent trip to his home country, the Irish Government said Tuesday that EU Trade Commissioner Hogan flouted a trio of coronavirus rules, while the commissioner himself maintained that he did not violate any laws. According to a source, after arriving in Ireland, Hogan violated a 14-day quarantine. Thus, refused to restrict his movement in a county amid a regional lockdown. He also attended an August 19 parliamentary golf club dinner. It is in defiance of coronavirus limits on social gathering numbers. Thus, declared only 24 hours earlier in an effort to curb a rise in cases.

Around 80 diners attended the evening — including a cabinet minister, a supreme court judge. Also, representatives from the upper and lower legislative houses in Ireland. It is currently under police investigation and has triggered a number of high-level resignations. It is in Irish politics, including Minister of Agriculture Dara Calleary. Also, Deputy Chair of Jerry Buttimer’s upper house of parliament. Hogan initially refused to apologize for attending the event. Also, over the past week reports of his travels around Ireland have emerged.

The controversy compound when an Irish police officer announces. He pulls over for using his phone while driving.

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