Ever Wondered Why Shirt Buttons For Men And Women Are On Different Sides

Have you ever tried to wearing lady clothes? Ok, that would be too much to ask, even just for the sake of fun. However, have you ever donned women’s shirt? If Yes, did you find anything different? Or if you are a woman have tried men’s shirt? Found anything peculiar?

Ok!, generally Women’s buttons are on the left side while men’s are on the right. Now the question pops up, why this is done?

After quite a digging, we have some historical, logical, and weird reasons on why women’s shirt buttons are stitched on the left side and Men’s right. Read on…

World’s greatest military leader – Napoleon had issues with the buttons on his shirt.

If you notice, in all portraits of Napoleon he had his right hand go inside into his coat. It was believed in those times that it was a sign of “good breeding”. And all his buttons were on the left. Napoleon considered men to be superior and was sick of women mocking his signature pose, so allegedly he demanded that women’s buttons be moved to the opposite side.

It was easy in the times of war.

Usually, soldiers carried their swords in their right hand, so clearly it was easier for them to unbutton with their left hand. So

Did breastfeeding let women’s buttons on the left?

As per one theory, Women usually held their babies with their left hand and with their right hand free it was easier unbuttoning their top.

Rich women made it happen

In the medieval period, women from wealthy families were dressed by servants, who were most of the right-handed, so the task became easier for them if buttons were on the left side.

History aside, even in the modern times why does this thing occur?

With women taking up more masculine jobs and equally share office spaces wearing pants, the buttons could be seen on the opposite side. Is this done just for a change?

When mass production arrived it was done by default

After ages in the left-right button thing, which actually had a solid purpose behind it, the new age just accepted it without much reason. But I am with it, what’s the big deal?

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