Extraordinary Video Shows Five Mountain Lions Together

On Wednesday in California, five mountain lions were seen together-an occurrence called “extraordinary video” as these big cats are seldom seen together. The video was filmed at a remote home on the edge of the El Dorado National Forest according to Mercury News.

“We shared the videos and photos with several of our wildlife biologists and none of them could recall ever seeing five mountain lions together in the same photo or video,” said California Department of Fish and Wildlife spokesperson Peter Tira, according to Fox 40.

“It is an Extraordinary video to capture five together for sure,” he said.

Mountain lions, also known as cougars, typically lead solitary lives. After about a year, mothers scare off their young ones. Biologists claim that the only time you can see more than one mountain lion together is either during the mating season, or when a mother raises her cubs.

“They’re not very tolerant of other mountain lions in their territories,” Mr Tira said.

One of the mountain lions in the video is bigger than the rest. According to Mercury News, so scientists speculate it’s the mother lion. Mr Tira doesn’t think they all belong to the same litter though.

“Potentially could be two different age classes. Some yearlings and maybe a 2-year-old lion that she may have had earlier,” he said.

Mountain lions are animals that are shy and elusive and rarely attack humans, preferring to hunt deer.



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