Facebook Live Gaming App Launches in Play Store

Facebook ended up formally joining the gaming community by releasing its first live game app, Facebook Gaming. In South American countries the device has been under production for 18 months. The software is currently available on Android, and for iOS users in the works.

Facebook states that the app should be used not only to watch e-sports or gaming tournaments but also to play in games with other users. The app uses the database of Facebook to rate friends on games and to submit invites online. Facebook would also require a single click of a button to stream on social media. This will limit the use of streaming services for third parties. The software was initially expected to launch in June. The business, however, has been fast-tracking it because of the lockdown. After a near-global shut down due to the coronavirus, FB will benefit from the surge in gaming.

For the past 18 months, the company has been testing App versions in Latin America and Southeast Asia. You can use the platform to play with your friends at some casual games. The Software also provides chat features.

As of January 2020, Twitch, YouTube, and FB Gaming clocked 3.1 billion hours, 1.1 billion hours, and 554 million hours of streaming time respectively.

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