Factory in China Catches Fire, 19 Killed

A factory caught fire and killed 19 people in eastern China, local authorities said.

The flames went out on Sunday at a factory in Ninghai County, Eastern Zhejiang Province, the local government said on its formal Twitter page like Weibo.

The incident is under inquiry and took place at a plant operated by the Ruiqi Daily Necessities Company.

Three of the eight individuals saved from the flames were wounded and sent to the hospital for medical treatment, the Ninghai officials said.

It was a fatal weekend in China before the Communist-led country celebrated its 70th anniversary on Tuesday.

In another incident, a crowded bus crashed with a truck in eastern Jiangsu province on Saturday, killing 36 individuals.

Industrial accidents are prevalent in China, where safety legislation is often poorly implemented.

In March, around 78 individuals were killed and hundred wounded at a chemical plant blast in southern Jiangsu province.

Four months ago, in July, a massive blast left 15 dead at a gas plant in central China.

Last November, a truck carrying fuel chemicals collapsed at the door to a chemical plant in Zhangjiakou, a northern Chinese city that was to hold the 2022 Winter Olympics, killing 23 individuals and wounding 22 others.

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