FBI Closes Case on Noose Found in Bubba Wallace

The FBI revealed on Tuesday afternoon its investigators reached the conclusion that Sunday’s garage stall at Talladega Superspeedway was not a federal crime, the noose found in Bubba Wallace and the No. 43 Richard Petty Motorsports team. His inquiry found that the noose was in the garage stall since the last race of the NASCAR Cup Series on the Alabama track before the GEICO 500 on Monday at least October 2019.

At a conference call with reporters on Tuesday night, NASCAR President Steve Phelps said the FBI “definitely” finding that someone had not committed a hate crime against Wallace was “the best result we could hope for.” But he also said that the governing body is conducting its own investigation to find out how and why a rope was made into a noose in the garage.

Sunday night, NASCAR confirmes that the noose discovers at Talladega’s No. 43 team stall. It launched its own investigation and kept law enforcement informed. A No. 43 crew member walked into the garage Sunday and found the noose, taking it to Jerry Baxter, his crew chief, who then took it to Jay Fabian, managing director of NASCAR Cup Series, Phelps says. Joint U.S. declaration Attorney Jay E. Town and FBI Johnnie Sharp, Jr. read in part:

NASCAR Cooperates with FBI ‘s Investigation

Wood Brothers Racing least consider used the No. 4 garage during October’s Talladega playoff race.

Phelps stated how NASCAR cooperated with the FBI ‘s investigation, including providing photo and video evidence for team roster information.

Richard Petty Motorsports also issued a statement detailing the timeline and the investigation on Twitter Tuesday night. It read partly:

Richard Petty Motorsports members discovered a rope tied in the fashion of a noose in the garage stall assigned to the Talladega (Ala.) Superspeedway team on Sunday 21 June. Our team member notified the crew chief who notified NASCAR of the item’s presence in the garage stall, in accordance with established protocols. With an immediate investigation into the item and its possible origins, NASCAR leadership determined the course of action. In the early stages of the investigation, Steve Phelps of NASCAR notified Darrell of the information gathered. Also, the presence of the item in his team’s garage stall, “Bubba” Wallace Jr.

After further examination by the Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI), it discovers. It is that the item addresses to Wallace or the team members. No Richard Petty Motorsports leader, nor Wallace had any contact with the rope ‘s existence.

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