Federal Judge Reveals his Son’s Last Moments Before his Death

In her first public remarks on the incident, the federal judge whose son was killed and whose husband was shot at their home in New Jersey last month disclosed her son’s last moments. In a video posted to YouTube, US District Court Judge Esther Salas said the shooting occurred only after her son Daniel Anderl celebrated his 20th birthday in their home with friends from Catholic University, where he was a growing junior.

Her emotional comments come around two weeks after a man wearing a uniform FedEx opened fire at her North Brunswick home. The gunman, a hate-filled advocate for men’s rights who had argued a case before Judge Salas, killed her son and critically injured her husband, Mark Anderl, as they opened the door. The same gunman was also the prime suspect a week earlier in the shooting of a California men’s rights activist. He was later found dead from the self-inflicted wounds which police assumed to be.

Ms Salas said she discovered later that her son had been defending. It is his father and taking the first bullet to his face. Her husband was shot three times: once in her right thorax, once in her left abdomen and once in her right forearm. Additionally, Ms Salas said judges would be granted more public privacy rights.

The Incident

She said her personal information was accessed too quickly by the gunman who came to her house.

Ms Salas said she did never know the best way to protect the privacy of the judges. It is called for a national dialogue to address the matter.

The U.S. Marshals Service, charged with protecting more than 2,700 judges. Thus, has registered a substantial rise in threats to judges over the past five years. Threats and offensive remarks to the judiciary have almost doubled since 2016, to around 4,500 last year. A federal judge’s last murder was in 2011. It is when John Roll is one of six people kill at a US Rep. Gabby Giffords public gathering in Arizona.

Salas has chaired a pending lawsuit brought by investors. It is from Deutsche Bank who say that the company has made false and misleading claims. It is about its anti-money laundering policies and has refused to track “high-risk” clients including convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

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