Field Hospital Constructed in 2 Weeks for Treating Coronavirus Patients

The state media reported the construction of a field hospital built from scratch in China. All the Coronavirus patients arrived on Tuesday at the field hospital which was built in just two weeks. Due to which this around-the-clock construction became a nationwide sensation on social media.

With the coronavirus outbreak, all the hospitals in Wuhan had been swamped with patients. This led to beds shortage for many patients. Hence, the 1000-beds field hospital was constructed for all the patients.

The state-backed China Daily reported, around 50 patients arrived at the location. Also, all the workers in protective suits helped patients in a wheelchair up a ramp. More than 400 people die and 20,000 infect in Hubei. The virus spread in more than 15 countries infects patients fly to their natives.

Due to which, WHO declared a global health emergency. Amid this, a first death report is out in the Philippines on Sunday. The construction of the field hospital began on Huoshenshan — “Fire God Mountain” on January 24. Workers wear masks and work day and night and complete the construction in just two weeks. Also, during breaks, all of them get a check for fever.

In two weeks they had completed construction of 400 prefabricated shipping-container-like rooms. Further, the army gets to handle the two-floor facility on Sunday. It will consist of 1,400 military medics, who have experience dealing with SARS and Ebola.

Field Hospital

Gymnasium and Exhibition Turned into Hospitals

Another field hospital name, Leishenshan (“Thunder God Mountain”) construct on an adjacent site containing 1600 beds. Patients will start getting admit from Thursday. Fire and thunder are the symbols traditionally associate in China which help in protection against illnesses.

In the year 2003, Beijing infects by SARS. During which, Wuhan facilities recreate the Xiaotangshan hospital in Beijing in just one week to treat all patients.

The Wuhan government said that due to beds shortage, the authorities turned gymnasium and an exhibition centre into hospitals. Around three buildings turn into hospitals consisting of 3400 beds. They treated patients with mild symptoms.

Around 10 million watched the live streaming of the mammoth construction effort on social media. However, Hubei authorities faced public anger due to delayed public health emergency.

Ma Guoqiang, secretary of the Local Communist Party, criticize officials for not stopping travel to avoid the spread of the virus. About 50 million people stuck in China as lockdown and blanket travel ban impose by the Government.




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