Five People Diagnosed with Coronavirus in the US

Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials state that five people have been diagnosed with Coronovirus on Sunday. All of them travelled back to the US from Wuhan, China where the new infected virus has killed more than 56. And, more than 2,000 people got infected.

Previously, new patients were identified in the Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago and Seattle.

Director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Nancy Messonnier spoke at a press conference. During that, she reported about 100 more possible cases are expected. This is apart from those 25 who were tested negative. She added in coming days more cases to be reported in the US.

Talking about the disease, Messonnier spoke about it. There is a risk of health due to those who travelled from Wuhan. However, no proper evidence is there about the spreading of the disease. Health authorities are struggling hard to save their lives and stop the virus from spreading.

Still, there are many unknown facts about coronavirus. Many say it can cause pneumonia, which can be deadly.

Apart from this Hong Kong has banned any new visitor from China. This is an initiative to prevent the virus outbreak. The death toll in Hubei has risen to 76 overnight.

Due to this China has locked down Hubei province. As this is affecting over millions of people. Also, they are focusing on to slow transmission of the respiratory virus.





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