Best Online Free Meme Maker Tools for Creating Innovative Memes

Memes have been a key part of a lot of discussions online. They are popping up a lot on social media, particularly on platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. We also use meme keyboards to converse with each other. With memes taking over popular culture, you may want to do yourself a meme. You can do exactly that by using a meme generator! Here is a list of the best online meme-maker tools that you can use for free.

5 Best Online Meme-Maker Tools

Meme Generator is one of the best online meme-maker tools most commonly used resources for making memes. You can search through the ones created by others and use the above menu to look for different characters, photos, what’s common and what’s newest. Swipe over “Create” your cursor to start creating your own meme image or character.

Filmora Meme Creator

Filmora meme creator is a fully free, non-watermark meme generator. You don’t have to sign in or log in first to use it, either. It supports the import of image, GIF and video at a single location. Very easy to use, just drag and drop to import. More importantly, the Filmora meme maker will help you easily if you want to pick a white or black background to insert a caption. There is also the option to change text size, colour and location. When editing is finished, export your work in a few seconds with just one click. You can also post to social media sites, such as FB and IG, for free.

Quick Meme

Quick Meme definitely lives up to its name and makes it easy to create their own internet memes for any average internet user. So, this tool is the best meme generation resource on the web and you need to make the most of it. It also allows you to browse featured, most popular, random, and newest memes; pick the one you like and edit the text and build your own. Additionally, you can upload your own picture and add the correct text to it. In short–A must go to the internet meme fans website. is yet another common meme generation tool that is simple to use online. You can do all the same stuff to those websites listed above. lets you browse popular and fast-growing Internet memes and create your own free account memes as well. You can log in and save all your memes in one location for a free account.


Imgur is one of the best online meme-maker tools with free image hosting sites on the web, has its very own meme generation app. Only pick a default background picture from the sample grid below, or post your own. Edit the content to set the caption exactly as you want it, and then post it on Imgur immediately.

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