Top 5 Free Video Editing Software Tools 2020

If you’re a student or a professional, video editing will effectively make your filmed videos incredible. We enjoy watching videos which are interesting. They increase the quality of our presentations, blogs etc. and very effectively increase the user interaction with our content. Video editing program plays a very important part in re-touching and improving our basic videos to be awesome. Yet when we search the Internet for perfect video editing software, we typically find it very costly or the free video editing software that is available does not have many features and resources to use. So, here’s the list of Top 5 Free Video Editing Software that has all of the critical tools and functionality you need to retouch your images.

Top 5 Free Video Editing Software


One of the best free video editing applications available on the market is Blender which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Blender is completely free to use open-source software. In reality, Blender was developed as a 3D animation suite but it comes with a very useful video editor. The video editor for Blender will suffice during most of your video needs. The editor lets you do simple acts such as video cuts and splicing. This also allows you to perform more complex tasks such as video-masking. This makes it a very versatile video editor and allows for beginners and experienced users alike.


Lightworks is the best online video editing program for anybody who wants to make movies and videos of professional quality, without charging a penny. This supports multitrack video and is a non-linear editor, so you won’t minimize the quality of your footage when editing this.


Shotcut is one of the popular free software video editing applications on Windows, IOS, and Linux. As with Blender, Shotcut is fully open-source software. This means you’ll get access to all the apps after installing it without the need for a paid upgrade. This video editor accepts a wide variety of video formats and offers a great video tutorial set. Although there are great features in this video editing app, some users may find the interface rather quirky. Initially built for Linux this app demonstrates certainly. Yet it is still a professional video editor, under the hood.

Hitfilm Express

Like Lightworks, Hitfilm Express is free-to-use editing software which aims to make everybody’s professional editing expertise accessible. With this software package, changing the colour balance, trimming clips and exporting your projects in various video formats is easy.

DaVinci Resolve

Presumably, DaVinci Resolve is the most advanced video editor on the list. While it has many digital video features, its interfaces tend to be intuitive. You should also master the audio and right colour alongside video slicing and trimming. This can also be used for adding 2D and 3D titles to your video. If you only want your videos trimmed and published, DaVinci Resolve’s rich feature set might be too comprehensive. However, the free version of this app is hard to beat if your video project is a little more advanced.

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