Frozen Chicken Wings Imported from Brazil to China Tested COVID Positive

A sample of frozen chicken wings imported from Brazil into the Chinese city of Shenzhen has tested coronavirus positive, the city government said in a Thursday note. Local disease control centres have tested a surface sample taken from the Frozen Chicken Wings as part of routine screening on meat and seafood imports since June when a new outbreak in Beijing was related to the Xinfadi marine food market in the region.

Health authorities at Shenzhen tracked down and checked anyone who may have come into contact with potentially contaminated food items, and also checked food products stored near the tainted sample. All results have been negative, the notice has said. The Brazilian embassy in Beijing did not respond to a request for comment immediately. The Headquarters of Shenzhen Epidemic Prevention and Control said the public needed to remain vigilant when it comes to imported meat and seafood and must take measures to minimize the risk of infection.

Seafood Infected

China announces on Wednesday that coronavirus is on shrimp packaging. It imports from Ecuador, and several other towns confirmes cases of infect seafood. Since mid-June, China has halted certain meat imports from different countries. It includes Brazil, in addition to inspecting all meat and seafood containers coming into major ports in the last months.

The first COVID-19 cases cluster also connects to the Wuhan town’s Huanan seafood market. Initial studies indicated the virus which emerged on the market in animal products. Experts claim that the SARS-CoV-2 virus can penetrate food or food packaging materials. But it is unable to replicate and can not live long at room temperature. Li Fengqin heads a microbiology laboratory at the China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment. However, he told reporters in June that contaminated food placed in cold storage. It may be a possible transmission route.

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