Gateway To Another World: Surreal Photos That Will Make You Question Reality

Sarah Deremer, a renowned artist from L.A knows exactly how to create worlds beyond our imagination. Taking inspiration from surreal paintings of the 19th century, Sarah crafts digital photos combining animals and landscapes in black and white. There is this strange eerieness and melancholia in her works that pulls you in and makes you question reality.

Scroll down to check some her works:

About The Artist

Sarah began her journey into photography when she was just 13. After getting a bachelor degree in Studio Art, she started working in photo manipulation. She worked as a veterinary technician for around 10 years and then moved to South Korea, where she taught English and pursued photography as well. Now, she is back in Los Angles working as a  photographer / Photoshop illustrator, making our lives less miserable with her magical art!

You can check more her work here

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