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Google Announces Free $340 Million Ad Credits As a Part of COVID-19 Kit

Google announced on Friday that it is offering $340 million in ad credits to medium and small-sized companies with active Google ad accounts as part of an $800 million coronavirus recovery kits.

The Company also donates the following as part of the kit:

  • An investment fund of $200 million that will support NGOs and financial institutions focus on small businesses
  • $250 million in promotional grants to support the World Health Organization and government agencies with information about how to prevent COVID-19 from spreading
  • $20 million in Google Cloud credits to academic institutions and researchers
  • Unspecified financial funding to help improve the lifesaving equipment development potential including face masks and ventilators.

The move comes as Silicon Valley tech companies such as Apple, Salesforce and Facebook finance relief from the COVID-19 pandemic triggered economic inequality. Google’s sister company, Verily, ramped up drive-thru coronavirus training this week with 1,000 Google workers as part of an attempt to track and monitor people with symptoms, CNBC announced Thursday. A week ago Google launched its own details website.

Google Ad is Hard Hit with COVID Global Pandemic

In response to the commitments, the company announced on Friday it has raised Google’s gift match every employee offers from $7,500 annually to $10,000.

COVID-19 is a global problem and major tech firms such as Google have large global networks to exploit. The pandemic inevitably stresses the global economy, particularly affecting small businesses. Google signals-boosting of knowledge to disseminate to the World Health Organization. Also, the government body is a positive step that more corporations will pursue.

Google’s advertisement sector has been struck by a global pandemic. This is as firms that have temporarily shut down shops or decreased operations have also stopped advertising their services. Sending out hundreds of millions of dollars worth of advertisements takes some of these companies back. This is to their advertising dashboards which helps Google to improve the competitive ad ecosystem’s efficiency. Also, adds some strong goodwill to the organization in the process. Giving ads to government organs boosts goodwill. It might be useful for future lobbying efforts, and putting academics in the fold with Google Cloud credits. It might also attract such institutions away from AWS or Azure.

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