Google Sued for $5bn for Tracking in ‘Private’ Mode

Google sued in the United States over allegations that it invades users ‘ privacy unlawfully by monitoring people even though they search in “secure mode.” Google sued and also its creator Alphabet and need to pay at least $5bn (£4bn). Many internet users believe that when browsing in private mode, their search history is not being monitored, but Google says this is not the case. The search engine denies this is illegal and claims the data it gathers in this mode is upfront.

Perhaps the potential class action involves “millions” of Google users. They have been surfing the internet in private mode since 1 June 2016. This is according to law firm Boies Schiller Flexner, who filed the complaint in San Jose, California, on Tuesday. Incognito mode inside Google’s Chrome browser offers users the option of browsing the internet without saving their operation to the client or laptop. But the websites visited could be using tools like Google Analytics to monitor use.

The company, Google has been offering private browsing for some time. Boies Schiller Flexner said it recently agreed to represent three US-based plaintiffs.

One choice is for visitors to install an opt-out plugin extension on Analytics to avoid calculation, it says.

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