Google to Make a Deal with Media Organizations for News

Google is negotiating agreements to compensate media organizations for content, a move targeted at blunting allegations that, according to people familiar with the negotiations, it disproportionately benefits from proprietary news.

Discussions were said to be in the early stages between the internet giant and news outlets, with most publishers in France and elsewhere in Europe. Paying for news will diverge from the custom of the Alphabet-owned internet giant to manipulate the internet openly for content it shows in search results.

News organizations that claim that Google generates income from advertisements alongside its news articles, including “snippets” in search results, will likely welcome a licensing deal. Google suggested, contacted by AFP Friday, that it is looking for new ways to support publishers.

Google Aims at Promoting Readership

Earlier Friday the Wall Street Journal claimed Google was exploring deals for a “premium” news product. The tech giant in California has remained steadfast about not paying for news article links shown in search results and is not changing its stance, people who are familiar with the matter told AFP. It has claimed that it increases traffic to news websites and thus boosts ad revenue to those publishers.

Google’s News Initiative partners with advertisers to promote readership and pay for their offers to subscribe to. Facebook faces criticism, leading to the introduction of a dedicated “news tab” last year. It has high-quality content, a social network effort to encourage journalism. Also, shed its image as a forum for misinformation.

Facebook requires to pay some of the news organizations, in some cases potentially millions of dollars. Google’s move comes under pressure to comply with a search results Eu copyright guideline on content.

Google said last year that, in its searches in France, the first country to ratify the copyright directive. So, it would not compensate European media outlets for using their posts, pictures and videos. Also, raising the prospect of legal action against the Internet giant. So, the tech giant said it would only feature content from media groups. Thus, it has given their consent to use it for free in its search engine results and on Google News.


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