Google’s Alphabet Inc to Allow COVID Ads on Its Websites

Google’s Alphabet Inc will start to allow certain clients, including hospitals, to run coronavirus-related advertising on their websites, in a shift to its ad rules for “critical events,” which it aims to apply to political organisations.

The new policy explains in a memo to advertising customers seen by Reuters on Thursday, which states this week the company accepting advertisements from government departments, hospitals, medical facilities and non-governmental organizations who wish to get specific information out to the public. It states the proposal to reveal in the coming days for advertising from political organisations.

Several Political strategists have told Reuters they supported the change in strategy.

The Trump campaign did not respond immediately to a request for comment. Google informs Reuters that limits impose for certain advertisers across its platforms. A company spokeswoman also said Google will determine whether it would allow brands and private firms to run ads linked to coronavirus.

Previously, Google revealed on Friday that it is providing $340 million in ad credits. This is as part of an $800 million coronavirus recovery package. It is to medium-sized and small businesses with active Google ad accounts.

So, the moves come as the COVID-19 pandemic sparked economic injustice as Silicon Valley tech giants. Also, this includes Apple, Salesforce and Facebook fund relief. Thus, as part of an effort to track and control people with symptoms. Also, Google’s sister company, Verily, ramped up drive-thru coronavirus training this week with 1,000 Google employees, CNBC reported Thursday. So, Google introduced its own Website for information a week ago.

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