Grand Thief Who Stole Frances McDormand’s Best Actress Oscar Caught

Like a parody plot twist from a Hollywood movie, a tuxedo-clad party-goer Terry Bryant stole Frances McDormand’s Oscar from an official Academy Awards after-party on Sunday.

Los Angeles police stated on Monday that Terry Bryant was arrested on a grand theft charge of property exceeding $950. Prosecutors said Bryant can face up to three years in county jail if convicted.

Bryant was arrested after McDormand’s best actress Oscar award went missing briefly at the lavish Governor’s Ball party in Hollywood, where Academy Award winners have their statuettes engraved following the annual ceremony.

McDormand, 60, won the award for her role as an angry, grieving mother in “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.”

“I lost my Oscar,” the two-time Oscar winner said, shrugging her shoulders as she left the party.

Bryant played it all cool leaving the ball holding the Oscar and was captured in a video saying, “We got it. We did it. We did it. I got to go.”

Paparazzi To The Rescue

There are very few instances when celebrity photographers drop their shutterbugs and take up a real job. The Los Angeles police department informed the media that a photographer, whom they did not identify, grew suspicious when he failed to “recognize Bryant as a recipient of the awards show.”

He followed Bryant through the party and took the Oscar from Bryant, without any resistance from him.

However, it is still a mystery how Bryant took possession of the Oscar and how he was able to attend the event. But police confirmed that he had a ticket to enter the holiest event of the Hollywood.


Celebrations with a double cheeseburger

Speaking of the issue, McDormand’s representative, Simon Halls, said in a statement,”After a brief time apart, Frances and her Oscar were happily reunited. They celebrated the reunion with a double cheeseburger from In and Out,”

Halls did not say whether McDormand planned to press charges. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which retains some rights to the Oscar statuettes it hands out, did not return a request for comment on Monday.

Before McDormand retook possession of her Oscar, Reuters photographer Mario Anzuoni saw an Academy official at the Governor’s Ball hand the recovered statuette to best actor winner Gary Oldman to return to McDormand.

Oldman posed for photos with the two Oscars but returned McDormand’s to officials because the actress had already left the ball.


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