Healthcare Professionals Faces Change After Hours of COVID Shifts

Although the planet is increasingly sheltering from coronavirus, healthcare professionals rush to the front lines to work full time, attending to a burgeoning number of infected individuals.

One of them is Dr Nicola Sgarbi, 35, who unknowingly became part of a growing photo trend of health workers coping with this exponential increase in patients with illnesses. The rise in infections was representative of Italy. The nation had more than 47,000 cases of coronavirus on Saturday and about 4,000 deaths from the disease. Sgarbi is a practising physician working at the Baggiovara Civil Hospital ICU in Modena, Italy.

Since the outbreak, almost everything about Sgarbi’s March 13 shift has become part of his daily normal: working 12 hours to treat COVID-19 patients while wearing protective equipment; Yet, about 8 p.m. He took off his face mask that day and took a short selfie, which he rarely does.

Dr Nicola Sgarbi is among countless health professionals worldwide who put in extra hours to support people with coronavirus.

Sgarbi’s photo has been posted on Facebook and Reddit, where it was shared more than 74,000 times and commented on at least 118,000 times. Among other items, the picture attracted worldwide acclaim and reference to “Batman and Superman rolled into one.”

Photos of Healthcare Professionals Emerge with Face Bruises

Ever since various photos and stories have been posted around the internet about health workers in and out of protective gear. Each captures the emotional and physical toll taking from this pandemic.

Sherry Dong, 25, is a registered nurse who has been working for more than two years in the medical ICU at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. She posted a photo on Reddit on Friday, taken during a hectic working day. The picture shot at the top of the page of Reddit and received more than 2,100 comments.

For several U.S. hospitals safety gears has become a staple.

One of the most striking images is from COVID-19’s epicentre Wuhan, China. A portrait of the scars left on nurse Cao Shan’s face is click on February 17. This is serving in the isolation ward at Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan, designated for patients with coronavirus.

The traces of a mask is on Nurse Cao Shan’s face. This is after working in Jinyintan Hospital’s Isolation Unit, reserved forCovid-19 patients, in Wuhan, China. Such photographs are a significant oral tradition. It will hopefully provide the general public with a cautionary tale. Dr Anna Yaffee, director of the Emory University’s Section of Global Health in Emergency Medicine state. Yaffee hopes these photos are a strong reminder of the day-to-day challenges. Health care workers face challenges on the front lines.

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