Heartbreaking Video of Chinese Old Couple Infected with COVID 19 Goes Viral

The coronavirus outbreak has created worldwide fear among citizens. More than 1100 people lost there lives in China due to COVID 19. Amid this, an emotional heartbreaking video of an old couple affected with the virus has gone viral on social media.

The video shows an old man diagnosed with COVID 19 feeding food and water to his bedridden wife who has also been infected by the virus. A Chinese media outlet shared the video on Twitter.

Seeing the video, Twitterati got emotional at the same time fell in love seeing the old man’s love for his wife. The Twitterati prayed for a speedy recovery for the couple.

The epidemic coronavirus outbreak has also lead to the economic crisis, travel ban, cancellation of major events, evacuations of public places, cruise ships getting quarantined and the death toll rising every day. This also led to the World Health Organization sending a team of experts to study the virus and find a solution to control the virus from spreading.

Previously, Donald Trump predicted that due to change in weather in April, the deadly virus might come under control. But on the other hand, Chinese President asked officials to stop the measures as it affects China’s economy.

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