Heaviest Rainfall in Sydney, Puts Off Massive Bushfire

In 30 years, Sydney has been hit with the Heaviest Rainfall. The heavy rainfall led to floods putting the New South Wales massive bushfire.

According to Australia’s weather agency, the Heaviest Rainfall is three times more than February’s average rainfall. Around 391.6mm of rain has been recorded in the past four days. Due to this heavy shower, 100,000 homes lack power. Further, officials have beforehand warned about the flash flood which could be life-threatening.

Over the weekend, the rainfall extinguished more than 30 fires, the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) states on Monday.

The Gospers Mountain blaze which is located at the north-west of Sydney has destroyed more than 512,000 hectares. It was called the mega-blaze which was put off due to the floods.

Also, the Currowan fire in Shoalhaven was also put off which was burning for 74 days. The fire destroyed 312 homes and 500,000 hectares.

Moreover, all the fire-hit areas are flood-prone areas. Hence, a large amount of debris can be carried away due to the heavy water flow, the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) states.

After years of drought, the regions of water supplies are filled. The Warragamba Dam has been 70% full due to floods. The dam supplies most of Sydney’s water. Previously, the dam was filled only 42%.

Despite the massive destruction due to the rains, people are celebrating and posting videos on social media.


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