High Approval Ratings of Medical Professional Anthony Fauci Mocked by Trump

President Donald Trump groaned about the high approval ratings of medical professional Anthony Fauci on Tuesday and joked that “no one likes me” as he tries to boost his standing with voters in coping with the coronavirus pandemic.

Fauci’s question came up at a news conference at which Trump defended as a shield against the virus his support for malaria drug hydroxychloroquine. Trump said he thought the medication worked “in the early stages.” Many public health experts agree that hydroxychloroquine can not be used to treat coronavirus, because it could lead to heart and other complications. Last month, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration revoked its hydroxychloroquine emergency-use permit to treat COVID-19 after multiple tests cast doubt on its efficacy.

Trump said he and others in his administration received praise for their treatment of the virus, not just Fauci and Deborah Birx, another influential member of the task force.

The recent increase in U.S. deaths and illnesses has dampened early expectations. The nation has moved through the worst of a recession. It has destroyed industries and forced millions out of work. Four southern and western U.S. states recorded one-day coronavirus death reports on Tuesday. The number of National Deaths is nearly 150,000. Fauci has been the topic of controversy inside the White House for months. This is as he reveals very openly where he agrees with the president and disagrees.

Trump has repeatedly said that Fauci has told him not to avoid travelling with China. It is where the epidemic originates, earlier this year when the extent of the pandemic. It was not yet apparent, and that he did not embrace the recommendation. Staff chief of the White House, Mark Meadows, publicly chided Peter Navarro. This is as Trump trade advisor for writing an opinion article criticizing Fauci.

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