Hoax Bomb Threats Continue to Disrupt Lives in Russia

Even after months, Russian’s are under fear as hoax bomb threats disrupt their lives. All the schools, courts, malls and every public place are being evacuated and authorities fail to find the culprit.

Around 16 million live in Moscow and 1000 hoax bomb calls are being made to numerous parts of Russia. From last year November, authorities are evacuating more than 1.6 million people from buildings. yet, no authority or media agency is able to trace the person behind this ruckus.

A local government official, Yulia Olshanskaya states how her daughter’s school has been evacuated several times a day in the month of December. Another Muscovite, Yulia Grebenchenko, adds that authorities evacuate her daughter’s school 13 times from December beginning.

The threats to the hoax are in the form of an encrypted message via emails. The emails send to businesses and organizations. According to the law, the threats are under investigation.

On February 5, in around 1,500 locations unknown people make hoax bomb threats. They include the central Church of Christ the Saviour, some 30 courts, 150 educational institutions, 232 metro stations. Also, more than 12 clinics, 75 swimming pools and 50 malls got the threat.

The authorities block the two encrypted email providers. They are based abroad and used to send hoax threats, as per the FSB security service. FSB is the successor to the KGB, and state communications watchdog Roskomnadzor spoke on this. The service did not reveal any particular name of the suspects or spoke on any leads. Sadly, despite the chaos, the FSB is not providing any reassurance.

Roskomnadzor adds that blocking the encrypted e-mails won’t help the user can send emails through different provider or VPN.


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