How to Start a Vlog? Check Out the 9 Tips For Beginners

People sometimes use vlogging as a routine job in front of their faces, with a camera. They think there’s something you need to record like making a banana shake, thinking about the process and uploading videos to Youtube. If you agree and have the same thoughts on these topics, sorry! You have got it wrong. The truth is that vlog requires considerable effort and a well-crafted approach. For a successful vlog, the inside work is much more than just uploading and uploading it. Within this dynamic environment, it is not easy to stand out. You may also broaden your YouTube channel to render it a brand with patience and dedicated enthusiasm. All you need is some Vlogging tips to stand out from the crowd at a professional level. So, here are the 9 beginner tips on how to start a vlog.

9 Tips For Beginners on How to Start a Vlog

Most vloggers choose YouTube for their first vlogs; so our main focus will be YouTube in this post. But the same tips can be used to create videos for other sites such as Facebook, Instagram etc. So here are the tips you need to know on how to start a vlog like a PRO.

Follow Your Passion

In the field of blogging, the key to success is “follow your passion.” Be descriptive, do whatever you enjoy and let the world know. By making a vlog, you share something that suggests an equally enthusiastic and tasteful audience. And you need to make videos about the things you enjoy enough to reach viewers for a long time. If you make videos only for your audience and you don’t have a personal interest in this area, you ‘re going the wrong direction.

If you don’t like creating vlogs you can’t achieve much. The desire to discover your favourite niche demands that you be more adventurous as a vlogger. If you want to fly, when travelling to your favourite destinations, you can make videos. You can make videos when playing soccer if you are a soccer player. It can be something like eating, strolling around, decorating your home, attending an event, etc. So the first and most important thing to do is follow your passion.

The art of Video Editing

As of 2018, there are more than 23 million Youtube channels. Starting a YouTube channel from scratch as a new vlogger means you must compete with another 23 million channels. That’s where you need some expert tips to make your channel unique. The art of video editing is one of the main factors which can make you stand out from the crowd. I suggest you learn to edit videos before you start a vlog.

Take some paid online courses or watch free Youtube videos. If you’re excited about learning, you can begin editing videos within a week. Follow the famous vlogger as well and watch his videos. See how they shoot videos and use angles to the camera. Know how according to the acts in the video they adjust sound effects.

Select a topic

YouTube is a huge platform, and they upload millions of videos every day. You need to pick a specific topic to start a vlog. You not only need to be clear about the topic you are selecting, but you also need to have basic knowledge of it. For instance, you need to know the rules of the game if you want to start a channel in Football. You should have information on the top players, the leagues and the basic skills of football. In my early days, the biggest mistake I made was ‘not choosing a particular niche.’

Getting a specific niche means you have a target market. You can also use your target audience to make some extra money by using various methods such as affiliate marketing and personal branding etc. However, if you’re using a common topic such as infotainment or gossip, you probably won’t get an exciting response. Early recognition will be hard for you, as millions of YouTubers are already shooting videos on these topics.


If you ask me to make a good vlog the only thing is my response would be ‘consistency.’ Once a topic has been selected, you need to start creating videos and consistently submit them. You have to be consistent especially for the first 3 months after starting a vlog. If after posting a single video you are searching for a fast answer, sorry, you ‘re not going to be a good vlogger unless you’re a celebrity. And Casey Neistat continues to post the videos in order to keep its audience engaged. Thus the third and foremost tip of vlogging on YouTube should be consistent.

Follow the Trends

Keep in mind the most important thing about blogging is the new trend in your niche. Be always happy to record a video as soon as you get your hands on something exciting and different. For example, you can discuss UEFA Champions League games if you’re creating a football-related vlog. It will help you gain popularity within a short time.

Focus on Storytelling

Storytelling is an art and some people master this art. To master this art you need the practice, and it may take months or a year. The best way to learn this skill though is by watching YouTube’s popular vloggers. Get any suggestions on how to cover a story to keep viewers involved. Techniques used in storytelling can take your vlog to the next level. Vlogging is all about using content to involve users. If you know how to attract the audience to keep them engaged, success isn’t far from you.

Focus on Quality Rather than Quantity

I know many YouTubers who have worked for years, but who have just a few hundred subscribers. Some have proved popular in a very short period of time at the same time. For me, this is no wonderful thing. You can be successful overnight if you are creating quality videos. So I suggest learning the art of storytelling and editing videos before you start a vlog. Uploading videos without Quality focus is a waste of time. And I never recommend that you waste your time, so follow the professional tips and buckle up. You also need some important gear to make better video quality, remember that.

Be natural

You need to be normal when making a Vlog. Vlogging is about sharing your daily routine, and you enjoy doing activities. And you don’t have to write a long script like moviemakers for that. Be nice and act natural, for if you try to trick them, people will judge you. If you think an interesting video is time, grab your phone and start creating vlogs. However, if you are debating something, it’s okay to rehearse and practice. Long breaks like umm, all right, all right, wait a minute, etc. can bring your vlog. That is why I recommend that you always practice before turning on the camera.

Always end Your Vlog in a Unique Way.

As I said earlier, user interaction helps rate your video at the top. Your ending, just like the beginning, should be exclusive. Try also to periodically change your position on a video. Upon the end of the video, you can add a write error. Also, when you create the vlog you can add something strange happening. That will keep your audience limited until the end. You can also ask viewers, in the beginning, to watch the full video to end up enjoying this bonus part.

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