Hyundai Motor Worker Tested Positive for Coronavirus, Factory Shut Down

In yet another coronavirus positive report, a Hyundai Motor worker was tested positive. This led to a production suspension at one of its factories in the southeastern city of Ulsan in South Korea, the company confirmed Friday.

The automaker’s shares fell more than 5% after the release, while the wider market fell by 2.6%. The closure deals with a fresh setback for Hyundai Motor, which slowly restored production at local plants hit by a scarcity of Chinese parts following the virus outbreak. Besides China, South Korea has the most infected individuals impacting businesses such as Samsung and Hyundai. South Korea registered 256 new cases on Friday, resulting in a total of people infected to 2,022. A spokesperson for the union said a worker had tested positive but he had no further information.

Ulsan is within an hour from Daegu, Korea’s epicentre of the outbreak. Hyundai runs five car factories in Ulsan, that has an annual production capacity of 1.4 million cars, or almost 30% of the global production of Hyundai. There, Hyundai hires 34,000 staff at the largest car complex in the world. The shutdown factory produces sport utility vehicles like Palisade, Tucson, Santa Fe and Genesis GV80.

After the death of a virus-infected worker there a factory run by Hyundai supplier, Seojin Industrial had been closed. It opened Monday. Elsewhere, South Korea’s largest airline, Korean Air Lines Co Ltd, said in March it would cut the number of flights to the U.S.

Before boarding, it plans to test passenger temperatures travelling to the United States. It said it would not authorize anyone flying at a temperature higher than 37.5 centigrade. It states those procedures apply to other roads. One of its flight attendants who worked the route from Incheon to LA has checked for virus-positive.


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