International Students Gets a New Shock from Immigration and Customs Enforcement

If their universities swap to online-only courses, Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced Monday, international students who are pursuing degrees in the USA will have to leave the country or risk deportation. The move could impact thousands of foreign students coming to the U.S. to attend colleges or enrol in training programs, and also non-academic or vocational studies.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, universities nationwide are beginning to make the decision to switch to online courses. For example, at Harvard, most course instruction will be provided online, except for students living on campus. That opens the door to international students having to leave the USA.

The department recommended that students already studying in the US seek other steps, such as moving in-person instruction to colleges. Universities are excepted by using a hybrid model, such as a mix of online and in-person classes. The announcement caught him and many others by surprise, said Brad Farnsworth, vice president of the American Council for Education.

Universities Offer In-Person Classes

One issue with the new guidance, Farnsworth said, is what would happen if the state of public health deteriorated in the fall and universities that offered in-person classes felt they had to shift all online courses to stay safe. Student visa requirements have always been stringent and it has been prohibited to come to the US to take online-only courses.

The Trump approach has taken a litany of changes to the U.S. immigration system. It is citing the coronavirus pandemic which has resulted in immigrant swaths. Thus, entering this country bar. Last month the White House issuing a proclamation on immigration that dramatically curtail legal immigration. It is to the US, sending hundreds of people and businesses into a scramble to see if their future plans derailing.

In the proclamation, the administration claimed that the coronavirus posed “extraordinary conditions” called for the suspension of job-based visas. Yet, immigrant advocates, businesses and analysts warn the administration is taking advantage. It is of the pandemic to bring about dramatic reforms. It is to immigration and advances its plan to cut legal immigration.

Students in Fear

Such as the changes that preceded it, Monday’s announcement could similarly result in a lot of international students. It is of who already pay high tuition to return to their home country. According to the Migration Policy Center, a think tank is based in Washington, DC. It is as of March 2018, approximately 1.2 million students fall under the affected visas. They enrol and register at over 8,700 schools nationwide.

Farnsworth said he sees the announcement as part of the administration’s larger pattern. It is of steps which “have not set the right tone.”

Although students may have the option of moving to a college or university. It offers in-person classes, it may be hard to get beyond ongoing concerns regarding coronavirus. Several colleges have announced plans to welcome back students. But shorten semesters, as well as cancel almost all classes in person during the fall.

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