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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Tested Coronavirus Positive

An advisor to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who visited him on Thursday stated that the PM is screened with the novel coronavirus positively, raising fears that the prime minister may have been exposed to himself. Netanyahu’s counsellor on ultra-Orthodox affairs, Rivka Paluch, tested positive hours later her husband was diagnosed with the virus.

Officials at Netanyahu’s office told media that they’re going to behave according to instructions from the Health Ministry, potentially suggesting the prime minister and other helpers or lawmakers will have to go into 14-day quarantine. They state epidemiological analysis perform on Paluch to determine who expose to the virus.

According to sources, on Thursday in the midst of frenzied talks, Paluch meets with many lawmakers as the Knesset elects Benny Gantz as its new president, suggesting a possible unity government agreement hammer out. Previously, the Office of the Prime Minister had revealed that Paluch met with Netanyahu on Thursday but said: “the proper distance has been kept.”

Ministers Under Isolation Due to Coronavirus

As of Sunday, seven MKs, including two ministers, were in self-isolation. It results in exposure to someone with the virus. But that number could increase dramatically once Paluch was ready to attend. There was no immediate word on the state of the advisor. Her husband states to admit to the hospital despite having no signs of the disease.

Most people who contract COVID-19 have mild to moderate symptoms. It often requires hospitalization. It can include fever and cough but sometimes milder cases of pneumonia. For older adults, and individuals with other health conditions, the risk of death is greater. Netanyahu, 70, will be considered a patient at high risk as is Paluch, 64.

So, as of Sunday evening, 4,247 cases of coronavirus report in Israel and 15 deaths directly link to it. 78 patients are in critical condition, and 59 are on ventilators, according to the Ministry of Health. On March 15, about two weeks ago, Netanyahu and his near aides underwent COVID-19 training. This is on advice from the Deputy Director-General for Security and Emergencies of the Prime Minister’s Office. No one is infect with the virus.

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