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Italy Shortage of Morgues, Death Toll Count Reaches 8000

On Thursday a crowded Italy town at the heart of the coronavirus pandemic sent over 8,000 people dead in the surrounding towns for cremated. Rome official, in large measure according to the statistics released during the week, recorded 662 new deaths and 6153 infections.

The increase in daily life was reduced to the lowest point–8.8 per cent–in the crisis, while the infection rate for the fourth day was about 8 per cent. However, the statistics do not drop any lower and the Italians seem to know that the epidemic has not vanished for 2 weeks at lockdown.

Italy’s death toll on coronavirus now stands at 8,165-more than Spain and China, where the virus was concentrated in December. The infinite deaths induced Bergamo to transport even more bodies in nearby towns to less-burdened crematoria at the northern epicentre of the pandemic in Italy. On Thursday, an AFP photographer saw six green army camouflage trucks carrying coffins from Bergamo Cemetery.

The mayor also said that the town had received 113 ballot boxes with the cloak of bodies submitted earlier this week for cremation. The city’s bodies are literally piling up about 120,000.

35 freshly wooden coffins on Thursday in a warehouse in the municipality of Ponte San Pietro in the western outskirts of Bergamo which later bound for cremation. In the Seriate to the East of Bergamo, even more of the coffins had filled a barren space. A priest said a silent prayer on the rows of coffins and in the otherwise empty space, a single red rose stood on one.

However, the government of Italy is equally scary. It is about the northern crisis which is spilling over to the much poorer south. The head of Campania including Naples cautioned. It states that infections were “dramatically destructive,” based on trends this week.

Older People Get Affected with COVID in Italy

Campania is the third most populous country in Italy. It has nearly six million residents registered an official death rate. It is from 29 on Sunday to 83 on Thursday. To date, however, no southern area has reported more than 100 deaths from coronavirus. The new statistics in Italy show that the COVID-19 kills the elderly and the poor disproportionately.

In Italy, the data show that at least one or more diseases are pre-existent. It has disorders which already affected 98,6 per cent of the victims. Little more than half had other health issues three or more when they died. Women were just 29.1% of the victims. The disparity was noted elsewhere and doctors around the world are still mysterious.

On the basis of the first 3200 deaths, the average age for casualties was 78%. It is lower than last week’s 78.8%. The statistics are “not especially accurate,” according to the Italian virologist Roberto Burioni. This is because the country only measures people who already display flu-like symptoms. Italy was therefore much higher than in large-scale test countries. It includes South Korea, among reported cases of COVID 19— 10.1 per cent.

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