Jane Doe Decides to Testify Against Ghislaine Maxwell for Sexually Assaulting her

A woman accuses Ghislaine Maxwell of sexually assaulting her dozens of times since she was 14 years old. She adds that she is ready to stand up to testify against her former boyfriend of Jeffrey Epstein. Jane Doe, who would like to protect her identity, said in an exclusive interview with Fox News that she had sexually abused her in Florida in 1991. She told me that the violence went on until she was 16. On Thursday Maxwell was arrested on federal charges of making sexual abuse of minors easier and participating.

Jane Doe claims that years of sexual abuse came to a close only after Jeffrey Epstein ‘s baby became pregnant. She had a miscarriage at age 16.

In spite of informing her grandparents of the abortion she should speak to authorities in terror, Doe says that she was one last time being punished by Maxwell, Epstein and others of the group.

Doe said after the attack, she was driven home by a driver who had a gun.

Doe said that her grandfather had hidden her, frightening for her future. She left high school. She dropped out.

Jane Doe Shares Details

Recognized from her grandparents in Florida, Doe claimed that she was recruited by a friend in 1991 and that she introduced Maxwell and Epstein to her career as modellers. Maxwell would collect her from school, she said, and from the house of her grandparents. She was given a stool and Maxwell was going to buy her Louis Vuitton bags and take her shopping, Doe said. But these days, sexual abuse would finally turn. At the time Maxwell used toys and pierced her with her fingertips, Doe explained, a virgin and an infant.

She suggested that Maxwell did not necessarily come in while Epstein violated her, but that it was to show her how the convicted pedophile needed to be treated.

Upon the request of Fox News Channel for clarification on these specific claims, Counsel Larry Vogelman, Ghislaine Maxwell said ‘no statements.’ Maxwell denied the Epstein accusers in prior civil litigation against her in terms of sexual misconduct. He is faced with six federal allegations arising from the charges of three women alleging Majwell not only had them recruited to be groomed for Epstein but she also charged her with sexual harassment of minors. The FBI was raided on Thursday by the FBI in Bradford, NH.

Jane Doe’s Grandparents Support her

Jane Doe said she was “completely” willing to help federal prosecutors in New York by posing as Maxwell’s witness.

Jordan Merson, the attorney defending Jane Doe and Epstein. It brought a case on her behalf more than a year ago against Epstein ‘s family. The grandparents of Jane Doe confirmed her claim against Maxwell, according to Merson.

Doe said that she had the hope and prayer that unlike Epstein, Maxwell would go to suicide. It is in her jail cell, he would have done so unincidentally. She agrees with prosecutors who describe Maxwell as a flight risk extreme and demand the revocation of the bail.

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