Japanese Test Positive for Coronavirus, 11 Confirmed Cases

Yet another country tests positive in the new coronavirus. Yes! you have heard right. The Japanese government has confirmed 11 new cases. Firstly, three people were tested positive, through which the count increased to 11. Katsunobu Kato, the Health Minister confirmed the outbreak in Japan.

During an evacuation from a flight flying from Wuhan which land in Tokyo, the new cases come up. Also, the government confirmes that the virus transfers from human-to-human in Japan.

Close to 400 people return back from Wuhan because of the outbreak that took 170 people life and infects thousands.

Many people who returned safety to there home, praised the government. On the other hand, people criticizing the Japanese for authorizing arrivals when two passengers said no to test.

Travellers Hospitalized After Complaining Symptoms

“In addition to the eight (previously known) cases, among the people who returned from Wuhan yesterday, the infection has been confirmed in one person with symptoms and two other people who have no symptoms,” he told parliament.

“The eighth case is the second suspected incident of human-to-human transmission in Japan,” Kato said.

“We are in a truly new situation.”

210 Japanese travellers return from Wuhan on Thursday, out of which 15 are in hospital after complaining of few symptoms. Remaining13 travellers also report feeling unwell.

Justifying themselves, Japan explained about not forcibly evacuating arrivals. Adding to that they said they lack the legal basis for confining people who haven’t tested positive. Adding to that, all returnees asks to stay back at home to prevent from getting a virus.

“We don’t have the legal basis to force them so we let them go home,” he told lawmakers.

Hence, the government has tagged coronavirus under the category of a “designated infectious disease”. Which means, whoever test positive of the virus to hospitalized. So, this new regulation is going to start on Feb 7. However, the rules won’t apply to those who have been tested negative.

Japan’s Unique Approach Wins Praises

Japan’s approach towards this outbreak has been totally different from other countries. This is in contrast to Singapore, which leaves 92 people positively screened for two weeks.

“People talk about human rights, but how is quarantine discrimination?” asked another, adding: “Becoming the source of a pandemic would definitely be negative for a person who was released instead of quarantined.”

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said in parliament that all passengers travelling back to Wuhan from the first flight “arrange in total confusion,” but they try to persuade all passengers on the second flight to get test.

Also, Kato stressed the expansion of screening for those who have no symptoms.

Kato said Japan would need to “expand screening” in light of cases in people with no symptoms.

Furthermore, he asks everyone to stop piling up surgical masks as the supply is short. He also said that we should avoid mass gathering as much as possible.



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