Jerry Jones Agrees To Pay NFL $2 Million For Legal Fees

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has come to a $2 million settlement to pay the NFL in legal fees regarding two disputes with the league, a person with insider knowledge of the settlement told The Associated Press.

The person disclosed the information on a condition of anonymity as the NFL has not yet rolled out any official details regarding the deal.

Commissioner Roger Goodell held an appeal hearing with Jones. That came a few days after Goodell assessed the financial penalties for Jones’ lawsuit to overturn the suspension of Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliott, and for a lawsuit Jones threatened to stop Goodell’s newly approved contract.

Many owners were consulted on seeking restitution, including members of the finance committee. Some finance committee members are on the compensation committee that was at the center of what became a legal back-and-forth over Goodell’s deal.

The restitution is rooted in a 1997 resolution that states owners can seek repayment for legal fees if a fellow owner is responsible for getting them involved in legal action.

Jones’ attempt to derail Goodell’s extension, which came after Elliott was suspended over domestic violence allegations, led to a volley of threatening letters from lawyers for both sides.

After eventually relenting, Jones said after the owner’s meetings in December that he got what he wanted with an agreement to consider changes to the power of the commissioner’s role through the league’s constitution. Jones denied that his attempt to scuttle the contract was tied to Elliott’s suspension, but made repeated references to Goodell’s power to punish players.

Jones and the Cowboys have come out supportive of Elliott’s lawsuit, which was governed by the players’ union and resulted in federal court hearings in three states over the duration of two months. However, the suit eventually failed and Elliott had to serve the suspension.

Source: REUTERS 

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