Joe Biden Wins Democratic Primaries Race

With a series of Super Tuesday victories against leftist rival Bernie Sanders after his campaign appeared near to failure, Joe Biden took the momentum in the race to become the Democratic Challenger to President Donald Trump. Sanders was the clear leader and was aiming for a knock-out blow on a day when nomination contests were held across 14 states, a self-described democratic socialist who wants to reshape America’s economy.

The results instead signalled a remarkable return for Biden, a former vice president under Barack Obama, who will again fight for that front-runner status.

Sanders, 78, expect to win his hometown of Vermont, Colorado, Utah. This is with exit polls leading to a victory in California’s largest delegate-rich state. Biden, whom centrist campaign seems floundering, predicts to win in Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas and even Minnesota— a state where Sanders to favour to win handily.

Biden looked poised for an even split — or even a victory in Texas. It is where Sanders already polling. A defiant, Sanders embraced his wins by ripping Trump. He labelling him “the most dangerous president in this country’s history.”

Trump Mocks Senator Elizabeth Warren

He also blamed 77-year-old Biden for voting in favour of the Iraq invasion. Portrayed him as tarnished by billionaire donors.

Biden saw the results as evidence. It is after four years of Trump’s rightwing populism. It is his attempt to put American politics back to the centre is on a roll.

The main takeaway from Biden’s lengthening wins list was the strong support from African Americans former vice president Barack Obama. It is a critical element in the coalition of any Democratic presidential candidate. The major Hispanic population, which overwhelmingly went heavily for Sanders in California, seemed to do less well though.

The other contestants were the former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, 78, and Senator Elizabeth Warren. Despite having spent record amounts of his own money on marketing, it was a disappointing start for Bloomberg. So, he is a billionaire media mogul, fails to win any state. Thus, got a consolation victory in tiny Pacific American Samoa.

So, Trump, who witnessed on television the results, posted his regular Republican threats, criticizing Warren for losing her Massachusetts home state.


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