K-Pop Singer Sentenced 6 Years Imprisonment

A South Korean court on Friday sentenced a K-pop singer Jung Joon-Young to six years in prison for raping a woman and uploading a video capturing the act in a case that brought attention to the darker side of the lucrative entertainment industry in the country.

Jung Joon-young, 30 years old, has been arrested in March. Choi Jong-hoon, 30 years old, a former South Korean boy band FT Island member, was also sentenced to five years in jail for the woman’s rape.

The Seoul Central District Court said both were members of online chat groups exchanging hidden sex tapes and making jokes about drugging and raping women.

Jung’s conviction also involves the illegitimate distribution of other videos he secretly took while having sex with women. To protect their privacy, the victims ‘ identities have been suppressed.

In “sexual violence treatment” education, the court also sentenced each man to 80 hours.

K-Pop Singer Denies Accusations on Him

“The defendants are well-known celebrities and friends, but the chat they’ve had showed that they simply considered women as objects of sexual pleasure, and committed crimes that were extremely serious,” Judge Kang Seong-soo said as he handed down the verdict.

“Strict punishment is inevitable as the damage inflicted has not properly been recovered and the victims demand harsh penalties.”

Jung admitted sharing the video and others that he had made. But, he adds that sex is consensual in all situations. Choi denied raping the woman. He claimes that he has no memory of having sex with her and it was possibly consensual.

It was not possible to reach attorneys for Jung and Choi for comment. This case was one of several scandals. It involves sex crimes and other illegal activities. It has now finally shown the dark side of the international K-pop industry.

Lee Seung-Hyun, a former member of the Big Bang K-pop group, is also on trial. Charges of paying foreign businessmen for prostitutes to drum up investment in his company is on trial.



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