Lisa Murkowski Praises James Mattis for Condemning Donald Trump’s Behaviour

On Thursday, Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska split from many of her Republican colleagues, praising an op-ed by retired Gen. James Mattis who condemned the behaviour of this week’s President Donald Trump.

The remarks were a strong contrast to many of her other Capitol Hill Republican colleagues who claimed that while Mattis was allowed to disagree with Trump, they disagreed with the evaluation of Mattis.

Murkowski, a Republican who proves an independent Senate voting streak, state media Thursday that she still “struggling” with a November decision to support Trump.

Thursday night the President shot back in a series of tweets, pledging to back up any candidate against Murkowski during their 2022 reelection campaign.

Lisa Ann Murkowski is an American politician who has held the position since 2002. It is serving as Alaska’s senior United States senator. She is a Republican Party leader and is the Senate’s second-most senior Republican woman. She defines as one of the Senate’s most moderate Republicans. It is along with Maine’s Susan Collins and is a critical swing voter.

Murkowski is former U.S. daughter Frank Murkowski, senator and governor of Alaska. She serves in the Alaska House of Representatives before her appointment to the Senate and is eventually the Majority Leader. She names for the U.S. Senate by her father who quit his seat to become the Governor of Alaska in December 2002. She finishes the unexpired term for her father which ended in January 2005.

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