London Bridge Attack: 2 Killed and 3 Injured

In a terror attack on Friday, a man wearing a suspected hoax explosive device knocked two people to death before being shot dead by police on London Bridge.

So, in the stabbing spree that rekindled memories of a three-man assault on London Bridge two years ago that killed eight people, three more people were injured.

Also, Footage filmed by eyewitnesses on Twitter showed a scrum of people surrounding the suspect on the ground before armed specialist officers arrived and shot as he got up.

Moreover, Mayor Sadiq Khan of London praised those onlookers who were risking their own security to try to disarm the suspect before the police arrived.

Also, police said at 1:58 pm (1358 GMT) they were called and approached the man at 2:03 pm, shooting him dead.

Chief of Metropolitan Police Talks About the Attack

Moreover, the attack came a few hours before a number of people were wounded in a stabbing in one of the main shopping streets in the center of the Dutch city of The Hague.

Further, the two attacks took place on the so-called “Black Friday,” one of the year’s busiest shopping days in the run-up to Christmas, bringing more shoppers to the streets.

Also, Chief of Metropolitan Police Cressida Dick states she sad and furious that terrorism has threatened our city once again.”

So, she said the attack started on the north side of the bridge at the Fishmongers ‘ Hall. “We retain an open mind as to any motive,” he told reporters.

London Bridge Attack: Footage Shows Man Carrying Knife

Further, video footage shows surrounding the man on the ground. Also, One man is carrying a large knife away from the group, wearing a suit and tie. Thus, three armed officers immediately appeared on the scene, covering the scrum. So, one officer helps one more man off a split-second.

“Everyone was just on top of him trying to bundle him to the ground,” said Stevie Hurst, who ran from his car to the scene.

“I saw that the knife was still in his hand so I just put a foot in to try and kick him in the head: we were trying to do as much as we could to try and dislodge the knife,” he told BBC radio.

“The guys that were there were just amazing. Absolutely incredible people. Heroes beyond belief.”



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