Louisville Police Kill Business Owner David McAtee

Louisville, Kentucky city already struggling with Breonna Taylor ‘s deadly shooting police nearly three months ago, faced renewed anguish this week with another shooting by police that killed beloved business owner David McAtee. McAtee was on a car park beside his barbecue stand, YaYa’s Barbecue, early Monday when police officers from Louisville and the National Guard went to break up a crowd in violation of a curfew that was recently ordered.

According to NBC Louisville affiliate WAVE, the crowd that the police and National Guard were trying to disperse was not part of the protests, and people often congregate in McAtee’s restaurant parking lot to eat and play music. McAtee ‘s nephew, Marvin McAtee, said WAVE soldiers were boxing in the crowd and people were frightened. When shots resounded, a bullet hit David McAtee’s niece.

Police in Louisville says surveillance video released Tuesday shows McAtee fired a weapon before he was shot and killed.

The call for accountability follows Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad’s firing Monday after it discovers that their body cameras activate as a request by the officers involving in the McAtee shooting. Metro Council President David James claims he’s a McAtee’s acquaintance, state WAVE the surveillance video is “only a part” of what happens.

McAtee’s Death is a Shock

Riley said McAtee should give the community members free food, including officers from the same police department who fired shots on him.

McAtee is popular by the name “BBQ Man.”

McAtee ‘s death came nearly twelve weeks after Taylor ‘s passing. Taylor, 26, a black EMT, dies at her home on 13 March. It is by three Louisville plainclothes police officers serving a “no-knock” warrant. It is in a drug investigation against her and her partner. Taylor ‘s family claims that she and her boyfriend believe that their home is no more. It is into because the officers had not identified themselves. The officers have said the police did. Taylor ‘s boyfriend had fired a legal firearm at the officers, believing they were intruders. Taylor dies in the gunfire which response. The investigation is ongoing; no charges bring against the officers involving.

The city, still enraged by Taylor ‘s death, has protested for six nights. It is calling for racial equality following the death of George Floyd in Minnesota police custody on May 25. McAtee assassinates in the midst of the backdrop fueling fresh concerns. It is for black citizens about the use of force and legal intervention. After the attack, approximately 100 people lined the sidewalk from McAtee’s barbecue stands all day. It is across the street wishing for improvement while feeling sorrow that’s all too familiar.

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