Malaysia Confirms Three New Coronavirus Cases

For the first time in the Southeast Asian country, Malaysia had confirmed three new cases of coronavirus infection on Saturday. Three Chinese nationals are new infect, Dzulkefly Ahmad, Heath Minister state. Apart from this, a 66-year-old man test positive, Singapore Heath Authorities confirmes.

The deadly coronavirus is a new disease lead to pneumonia. The danger level of the virus and if it causes a human to human is not confirming as it is too early. Out of those with coronavirus is a 65-year-old woman whose husband test positive at Singapore hospital. Apart from that there two grandsons aged 2 and 11 have also been tested positive, Dzulkefly states.

At a news conference, the health minister reveals that the whole family is in Kuala Lumpur’s Sungai Buloh hospital. Their condition is stable.


More Cities Put Travel Restrictions After Malaysia’s Revelation

All the passengers and crew arriving from China has been under heightened screening to prevent the virus from spreading, the Malaysia Airports spoke in a separate statement. They added that all the airport gateway’s across the country are on high alert.

In another shocking revelation, 5 more cities announced travel restrictions fearing Coronavirus. This decision is in effect as 56 million people test positive.

In a new set of rules put by local authorities, all the public transport operations stop. Also, all highways close. With the virus putting public’s life at stake, in Hubei province, almost 18 cities have put travel restrictions.



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