Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman Refuses to Resign

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman, who oversees the office that prosecuted Michael Cohen and investigates Rudy Giuliani, said Friday that following an announcement by Attorney General William Barr that he was resigning, he will stay in his influential post.

Late in the evening, the head-spinning world war exploded between Barr, the nation’s top law enforcement official, and Berman, who manages Trump associate investigations. In a press release, Barr said Manhattan U.S. Attorney had “stepped down,” without further explanation. In his own news release — published via his office — Berman responded that Barr ‘s statement that he was resigning was not true.

Berman appoints as interim to the United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the time, in January 2018. Through a law that is seldom using, federal judges in Manhattan instead unanimously recalled him to his post for an indefinite time before the Senate confirmed his substitute. That unorthodox path to his post will probably be a factor in a struggle over whether Berman will retain his job.

Bureau Employees in Shock

The news shocked the storied bureau employees, which is one of the Justice Department’s most important. The division – officially known as New York’s Southern District – is investigating Giuliani in connection with allegations of political misconduct against associates of the former mayor, including Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman.

The Southern District charges Cohen, the former personal attorney of Trump — but for reasons that never make clear, Manhattan U.S. Attorney declining to preside over that trial. Trump was angry at a raid on Cohen’s law office, which he termed “a witch hunt” and “unhappy circumstance.”

Berman ‘s predecessor Preet Bharara, who fired Trump shortly after taking office. It knew from the moment Barr made the bombshell announcement, something was fishy.

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Investigates the Committee

Manhattan U.S. Attorney supervised investigations of the inaugural committee of Trump in 2016 and of Jeffrey Epstein. He ‘d been sharply criticizing Prince Andrew recently for allegedly failing to comply. This is in the enablers of Epstein with an ongoing investigation. The most recent big news involving the office came. It is from a tell-all book on working in the White House. It is by President Trump ‘s former National Security Advisor John Bolton. The Justice Department is fighting in court to prevent publication of the book next week.

In the book, Bolton wrote that Turkish President Recep Erdogan argued to Trump during a 2018 phone call. The state-owns Halkbank innocent of the Southern District charges against him.

So, Craig Carpenito, in the United States New Jersey attorney act as US Attorney Acting Manhattan, Barr said in the statement. Also, Trump will nominate Jay Clayton to replace Berman, currently chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Thus, Clayton’s nomination chances in an election year were unclear.

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