Mark Meadows Replaces Mick Mulvaney, Becomes White House Chief

US President Donald Trump terminated with acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney on Friday and substituted him with the moderate congressman and close ally Mark Meadows, who was a great defender of Trump during the Democratic impeachment trial. Congressman Meadows steps over as the White House tries to put forward a specific message about the coronavirus epidemic and as Trump faces a tough contest for re-election.

He is Trump’s fourth chief of staff in three years in office, charged with attempting to restore order to a turbulent presidency. Meadows is a representative of the U.S. House of Representatives from North Carolina and was the president’s combative protector during the impeachment trial, so much so that he was called out by Trump for praise at an event on February 6 after the Republican-led Senate acquitted the President.

Trump has appointed Mulvaney as his special US envoy to Northern Ireland, just as he is planning to welcomes Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar to Washington later this month for St. Patrick’s Day ceremonies. A former senior official in the administration said the move had been in the works for a long time. It was a “done deal” a while ago. Trump announced the move on Friday night. It is just after entering his Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida, where he spends the weekend.

Mick Mulvaney Accuses Trump

Trump has previously groused about Mulvaney. He irritated the president last fall by claiming at a White House press conference. He said that Trump had tried to persuade Ukraine to punish Democratic opponent Joe Biden. This is by withdrawing U.S. assistance from Ukraine. What Mulvaney stated ran contrary to Trump’s advancing claim. He said that Ukraine was not a “quid pro quo.”

Mulvaney, a former conservative congressman from South Carolina, served over a year. He was the acting staff chief after succeeding retired General John Kelly. Kelly had replaced Reince Priebus in the role. A source familiar with the case said on Monday both Mulvaney and Meadows flew with Trump. This is to North Carolina aboard Air Force One and there was little contact between the two men. Trump hasn’t spoken to Mulvaney, the source said. In December Meadows revealed that he would not run for re-election in his North Carolina district this year.

Spicer said that Meadows clearly understood Trump’s style and agenda. Meadows presided over the 2017-2019 moderate House Freedom Caucus. In December 2018 Mulvaney is the acting chief of staff and Trump never made the role permanent.

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