Minnesota Police Officers Fired After the Death of a Black Man

After the death of a black man in custody and who is seen on video getting pinned down by his neck, four Minnesota police officers were fired. Minneapolis Chief of Police Medaria Arradondo said the four officers are now their “former employees.”

Footage shows a man, George Floyd, groaning and repeatedly telling the white officer “I can’t breathe.” The incident echoes that of the 2014 arrest of Eric Garner, a black man who died in New York City.

The FBI has said it will investigate the incident in Minneapolis that occurred on Monday evening. Minnesota police said Mr Floyd, 46, who had worked to provide security at a restaurant, died in a “police interaction” after a “medical incident” Mayor Jacob Frey stated the four officers involved in the investigation were “terminated” on Tuesday afternoon.

It is the current charge of violence by the US police against African Americans. Recent high-profile cases have included an officer who fatally shot a man inside a patrol car in Maryland. The Minneapolis incident began with a customer report attempting to use a falsified $20 bill at a store.

BCA Takes Up the Case

Police said in a statement the officers located the suspect in his car. They were told the man, who was not identified, was sitting on a blue car and seemed under the influence. As per police the man violently defied officers after being asked to move away from the car.

Witnesses encouraged the officer to remove his knee from the man’s neck, noting that he did not move.

The man appears then motionless before putting on a stretcher and in an ambulance. Police state that no weapons use during the incident and the body camera footage handing over to the Criminal Apprehension Bureau of Minnesota (BCA), which is investigating the case. Officials used tear gas on Tuesday evening, according to local media, to disperse a mass protest outside a Minneapolis police precinct.

A reporter for the Star Tribune newspaper wrote on Twitter that a rubber bullet fired by police had struck him. A reporter for local KTSP-TV tweeted demonstrators at the precinct building had smashed glass and sprayed graffiti on a police patrol car.

Chief Arradondo Talks About the Investigation

Speaking to the US media on Tuesday, Chief Arradondo states that as part of the investigation policies under check. It is of the force on putting anyone under power. According to the AP news agency, under the department’s use-of-force policy, Minneapolis police officers allowed to kneel on a suspect’s neck. It is so long as they do not block the airway. Asked about the involvement of the FBI, Chief Arradondo spoke on this. He said that after receiving “additional information” from a community source. Adding “that just provided more context” he made the decision to include the agency

So, upon done, the department must submit its results for future criminal charges to the Minnesota state’s attorney. Also, the Minnesota BCA, which investigates most deaths in detention, will continue to conduct its own investigation. So, it is concentrating on alleged state law violations. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar allegedly shortlisted as the running mate. Thus, it is of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. So, he released a statement calling for a “complete and comprehensive investigation beyond the scene.”

So, after Eric Garner’s death in July 2014, “I can’t breathe” has become a national rallying cry. Thus, it is against police brutality in the US. Also, Garner is a black man who got sentence 11 times after being arrest by police. So, it is on suspicion of selling cigarettes unlawfully. They were the last words of the 43-year-old. So, a medical examiner from the town found that the chokehold had contributed to Garner ‘s death. Around five years later, in August 2019, a New York City Police officer involves in Garner ‘s fatal arrest. Further, he removes from the police force. No officer, in that case, has been charged.

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