NASA Looks for US Citizens for Eight-Month Social Isolation Study

With people across the globe living in social isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, why don’t they get paid for this? For an eight-month study on social isolation, NASA is seeking US citizens to prepare for missions to Mars and the moon. As participants work to complete virtual space flights, research is being conducted to study the effects of isolation and confining.

Participants live in a laboratory locates in Moscow and suppose to encounter environmental factors similar to those astronauts who will have crew members from various nations on future missions to Mars. Even so, not just anyone can apply.

NASA is going to look for healthy people ageing 30 to 55, who fluent in both English and Russian. They also need an M.S., PhD, and M.D. Or have completed the training of the military officers. NASA will consider other bachelor’s degree participants and other qualifications such as armed forces or professional experience. Participants must pay rates to differ depending on whether you’re part of NASA.

This study builds on a study conducted in 2019 which lasted four months. The analogue mission of SIRIUS-19 had six participants — two Americans and four Russians — isolated in a metal habitat that served as their spacecraft, lunar lander and home. NASA hopes to gain a better understanding of how long spaceflight journeys. Also, extended exposure to isolation and containment will affect astronauts. It is on future Artemis missions and eventual trips to Mars. Artemis is NASA ‘s plan for landing human beings back on the Moon. It is by 2024 in preparation for a possible Mars journey.

NASA hopes that what they learn will lead to better health. Also, the performance of astronauts who travel to and beyond the Moon.

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