NASA Simulation Reveals Earth With No Water Body

Imagine if Earth had no water bodies! How do you think it would look. Take a look at NASA simulation which shows oceans dried up and how Earth will look.

The NASA Simulation gives an idea of how Earth would look if sea levels lower. According to NASA, if the sea levels are lower by 50 meters, more land visibility is possible. In the image, one can see how the UK and Ireland seem to be connected with Europe just as sea levels get lowered by 50 meters. The same thing happens with Oceania and Asia. It also shows Papua New Guinea and Australia being connected. Also, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia get connected.

Also, NASA’s surprising revelation simulation shows how one can travel from Europe to America by land. This is possible if the ocean level decreases by 1000 meters.

Further, referring to history, humans conquer most of the Earth just by travelling on boat as it was the last Ice Age-era. Comparing with our ancient ancestors, NASA tried to show the planet’s glimpse.

Moreover, as Earth has many mountain ranges, they are more visible scientist removes water. If 6000 metres sea-level removes, the ocean gets vanish as per reports.

If the Mariana Trench exposes, more 5000 metres of sea level is vanishing. Mariana is the deepest point on the planet.


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Click Here for More SCIENTIFIC NEWS

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