Navy Released Captain for Raising COVID-19 Alarm

The Navy announced that it has released the captain who raised the alarm about a COVID-19 outbreak onboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Capt. Brett Crozier, who controls the Roosevelt, an aircraft carrier with a crew of almost 5,000, was released of his command Thursday, but he will remain in the Navy and retain his rank.

This week, Crozier raised the alarm, submitting a strongly worded letter to the Navy leadership outlining his fears about the spread of the virus on the ship. The letter leaked and created a series of headlines to the media.

Talking at a news conference Thursday night, Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly said Crozier was suspended. It is from his post when he sent the letter to a “wide array of individuals”.

It is rather than the chain of command over “non-secure unclassified email.”

A number of top Democrats on the House Armed Services Committee have strongly criticized. It is to the decision to suspend Crozier in a statement.

The ship, which was working in the Pacific, pulled into port in Guam last week. This is several days after the virus was confirmed positively by multiple crew members. There had been 93 positive test results by Wednesday. It is more than 1,000 people have been taken off the carrier. Also, placed on Guam in solitary confinement. In total, the ship is due to disembark 2,700 passengers this week. This is with a smaller crew remaining to operate the vessel.

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