Nawaz Sharif leaves for London for Treatment

Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif left for London for an air ambulance for multiple diseases after four weeks ‘ travel abroad at the Lahore High Court and refused the request of Imran Khan to provide an indemnity guarantee.

The younger brother Shehbaz Sharif, Nawaz Sharif, 69, is accompanied by the personal doctor Adnan Khan. He left via Qatar for London in a “high-end” air ambulance from Doha.

PMLN spokesperson Marriyum Auranzeb said Nawaz Sharif would be taken to the Harely Street Clinic for his treatment upon arrival in London and, if necessary, he could be transferred for further treatment to the US (Boston).

She said Nawaz Sharif was tested at his Jati Umra home in Lahore before the departure, and he had been supplied with a heavy dose of medicines and steroids to ensure he had a steady condition while traveling.

Adnan Khan Talks About Nawaz Sharif’s Treatment

An intensive care unit and a theatre, as well as a team of doctors and paramedics, have been set up in the air ambulance, Dr. Adnan Khan said during a Monday night tweet.

On Wednesday, the government of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf granted Nawaz Sharif one-time permission to travel abroad for his care for four weeks provided he submitted Rs. 700 crore compensation bonds.

The former Pakistan PM challenged this condition in the court terming it “illegal” and a “trap” of prime minister Imran Khan to use them (bonds) for his political gains.

He recently secured eight weeks bail on medical grounds from the Islamabad High Court in the Al-Azizia Mills corruption case in which he was serving seven years imprisonment. He also got bail from the LHC in the money laundering case.

Nawaz Sharif was earlier scheduled to leave for London on a Pakistan International Airlines flight on Sunday. However, he could not as his name figured in the no fly-list.



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