Latest ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Hits The Worst Ratings In Years

No TV show has given the zombies much fame, respect, and reason to be fearful off than “The Walking Dead,”. However, it seems all the rage amongst the people for the show is fading as this week’s rating shows.

The latest episode of the American post-apocalyptic horror AMC series was seen by 6.82 million viewers on Sunday, the drama’s smallest audience since 2012. For the young lads 18-to-49-year-old demographic, it was way low showing since 2010.

“The Walking Dead” this week competed directly against the Oscars, which themselves had a record low viewership. The first night ratings are also hurt by the same factors affecting television in general; viewers are increasingly finding different ways to watch. For example, in 2014 AMC found that three-quarters of viewers watched the show on live TV or on DVRs. Three years later, that number was down to 55 percent, with the rest watching streams online or through devices like Roku or Apple TV, and those people don’t appear in the Nielsen company’s weekly measurement.

“The Walking Dead” is still television’s most popular drama among young viewers for the sixth season in a row, and no other drama has ever done that for more than four, AMC said.

Still, it’s clear from the numbers illustrate a significant decline in the show’s popularity.

However, as per writer, producer, shows’ frontman  Scott Gimple, The Walking Dead series is looking to extend it’s domain and can come up with even more spin-offs. In an interview given to Hollywood reporter, he admitted that he has a lot of things in mind regarding the show.

Meanwhile, the much-loved Academy Awards have their own issues to look into. It was the first time that the Oscars, seen Sunday by 26.5 million people, had ever had an audience smaller than 30 million. The reasons for this can be found in the relative unpopularity of the movies being given the honors. Conservative commentators and experts claim that political messages from Hollywood figures had an impact as well.


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