Passengers of Diamond Princess Cruise Ship Infected, Count Rises to 64

The toll for those passengers infected on Japan’s cruise ship rose to 64, the government confirmed this after two weeks of passengers being quarantine. The government’s confirmation came a day after 41 infect people got the coronavirus.

More than 280 passengers got the test till now in the Diamond Princess cruise ship. The decision to test the people decides after a person in Hong Kong infects with the deadly virus.

The health minister states that out of 6 people test in the cruise ship, 3 people confirmes positive. Although he did not give any further information. All three passengers are present in the hospital.

The cruise ship consists of 3700 passengers along with 1000 crew members. It arrived at Japan’s coast on Monday. The ship will be under quarantine toll Feb 19.

One infected passenger’s condition is serious. Many onboard are facing high risk of getting infected as the virus transfers from human to human.

The test began when a few people complained of symptoms after coming in contact with one of the passenger who was infected.

The authorities asked all the passengers to stay in their cabins to prevent the virus from spreading which is frustrating all of them.

Following this WHO ordered Tokyo to provide all necessary help to the officials during the test. it includes mental care for all the people and those affected.





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